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Stockholm, SwedenGloriousMed and Prostatype Genomics opening strategic collaborationLeading prostate cancer products Prostatype®Karolinska Institutet
Maryland USAGloriousMed and Johns Hopkins Establish Long term Cooperative RelationshipWorld leading medical technology exploration and cooperative research and developmentJohns Hopkins
Shanghai ChinaShanghai Rendong Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.Gene testing service & Gene big data operationZhangjiang Cell Industrial Park
Beijing ChinaGloriousMed Institute of Translational MedicineR&D services & Academic services & Seminar servicesBeijing
Jiangsu ChinaRendong Biomedical Group Co.,Ltd.IVD R&D Kit production and saleSuzhou Wuzhong Biomedical Industrial Park
Core Advantagesa reliable institution for precise diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Covering Whole Patient Care Process01

    Covering Whole Patient Care Process

    GloriousMed is committed to serving the diagnosis and treatment needs of patients in the whole life cycle including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We works to help patients detect, diagnose, and treat at their early stage,assist clinical decision-making, improve therapeutic effect and bring new hope to tumor patients through gene testing services, excellent drugs and advanced medical devices.
  • High Reputation02

    High Reputation

    The leader of urinary tumor. Our business covers 29 major provinces and cities in China, including 1000 + hospitals and 3000 + . GloriousMed has served nearly 100000 patients, and managed the whole process from diagnosis to treatment based on the integration of those excellent patient database.
  • Authoritative Certification03

    Authoritative Certification

    Our Testing organization is an international authoritative recognized laboratory by CAP,which is equipped with a perfect LIMS system,strict laboratory operating procedures and EQA( External Quality Assessment)certifications by SCCL, NCCL at home and abroad.
  • Advanced Technologies04

    Advanced Technologies

    GloriousMed has a strong scientific research team and solid clinical research, has published nearly 200 high-quality SCI articles, with a total of 1000 + influencing factors. We also import global advanced technologies to advance the cancer theranostics.